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Thursday, 27 April 2017


Registration and refreshments


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Opening keynote
Sandiaga S. Uno, Founding Partner, SARATOGA CAPITAL


Private equity, M&A and cross-border activity: Indonesia roadmap
For private market investors, macroeconomic and political changes in 2016 mean that the next stage for the industry in the region will be an intriguing one as GPs look to extend their footprint in the region. Cross-border deals, both inbound and outbound, continue to be on the rise. Local companies finding success domestically are looking for growth opportunities in the region as they look to expand internationally and spread their business risk across a number of geographies and economies. On the flip side, inbound investors are attracted by the solid macro and consumer landscape and opportunity to utilise their expertise and connections to propel local businesses into bigger and better entities. A panel of experts will discuss the following topics and how Indonesia can prosper:

  • How is the private market investment landscape looking in 2017?
  • Which sectors provide the best opportunity because of the lifting of FDI restrictions?
  • What is the current level of M&A activity, and from where are most transactions originating?
  • What are the dynamics in the marketplace, and what is driving cross-border deals?
  • What are successful examples of Indonesian companies expanding internationally?
  • Which overseas markets are most attractive for outward M&A, and why?
  • How can GPs help Indonesian companies expand overseas?

Moderated by: Fabien Banaletti, Deputy General Manager & Head of M&A and Sponsor Finance Asia, SUMITOMO MITSUI BANKING CORPORATION
Eddi Danusaputro, Chief Executive Officer, MANDIRI CAPITAL INDONESIA
David East, Partner, Head of Transaction Services, Deal Advisory, KPMG
Nicko Widjaja, CEO and Investment Director, MDI VENTURES


Networking coffee break


Healthcare in the spotlight
The popularity of healthcare assets among private equity investors across Asia shows no sign of waning-the combination of rising demand for quality products and services in emerging markets and low levels of supply make sure of that. Indonesia is no exception, and a few significant deals by the major players are increasing focus on the sector. Our
panel will offer insights into navigating the healthcare space and how GPs can differentiate themselves in terms of strategy and value creation.

  • What is the state of play in the healthcare sector in Indonesia, in terms of demand versus supply?
  • What lessons can be learned from investments in the sector across Asia?
  • How do GPs get comfortable with often asset-heavy healthcare services?
  • What impact is technology having on healthcare business models?
  • Are healthcare-focused GPs too specialised for LPs?

Moderated by: Christian Hsieh, Executive Director, JP MORGAN
Aik Meng Eng, Chief Executive Officer, TE HEALTHCARE ADVISORY PTE LTD
Stefanus Ade Hadiwidjaja, Executive Director, CREADOR
Jon Richards, CFO, HALODOC
Raymond Rudianto, President Director, BARING PRIVATE EQUITY ASIA


Fireside chat
Tim Burroughs, Managing Editor, ASIAN VENTURE CAPITAL JOURNAL
Noni Purnomo, President Director, BLUE BIRD GROUP HOLDING


View from the frontline of Indonesia and SEA private equity
The Indonesian private equity market has fluctuated, especially in deal value and count, in the last few years, at times strongly expanding its share of overall SE Asia, and at other times falling back. Indeed, the SE Asian market as a whole has experienced cautious growth in deal activity since the depths of the global financial crisis, even while apparent competition for deals has grown markedly. A combination of proprietary Bain research on the Indonesian and broader SE Asian markets, as well as analysis of direct feedback from a survey of PE investors in the region, will raise topics such as:

  • Where the action is trending to in terms of deal and exit activity by sector, and type of deal, and type of investor in Indonesia and the region, and why
  • How data suggests the sources of deal return in the region will clearly have to shift in the coming years
  • The "voice of PE investors" playing back their views on specific challenges posed in getting deals done in Indonesia vs. other neighboring markets
  • Potential steps GPs can take to differentiate

Usman Akhtar, Partner, Jakarta, BAIN & COMPANY


Networking lunch


SEA Venture: Discovering the opportunity in a fragmented market
Most investors see Southeast Asia as a fragmented market comprised of different countries with their own nuances with the potential of scaling up somewhat complicated. However, the tier 1 cities are on par with developed markets boosted by emerging middle class and strong consumer growth. The next tier of cities or the mass middle could be seen as developing market so essentially the divide is developed VS developing markets rather than on geographical lines.

  • What are the opportunities in SEA?
  • How investors are viewing the region?
  • How to capitalise on the burgeoning market?
  • What is the Indonesia investment potential?
  • Fragmented Vs homogeneous markets- is this the way to go?

Amit Anand, Founding Partner, JUNGLE VENTURES


Is the fintech revolution sustainable?
With financial technology (fintech) on the rise in Asia, private investors and financial institutions alike are keen to explore the opportunity and understand its scope. VCs see a big opportunity, and banks need to keep an edge over non-traditional players looking to disrupt the industry. In Indonesia the sector is tipped for massive growth, and the role of fintech in enabling financial inclusion given the significant unbanked population cannot be underestimated. The government and the private sector are actively supporting the industry and enhancing the ecosystem to stay on top of the regulatory and technology changes.

  • What is the current landscape for fintech?
  • Is collaboration among the stakeholders a key to developing a sustainable ecosystem?
  • How important is it to strike the right balance between regulation, funding, technology and culture?
  • What does the future hold for the sector?

Moderated by: Julianto Sidarto, Special Advisor, ALPHA JWC VENTURES
Safari Kasiyanto, Associate Director, BANK INDONESIA
Hendrikus Passagi, Senior Research Executive, OTORITAS JASA KEUANGAN (OJK)
Reynold Wijaya, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, MODALKU


Vantage point: The next consumer battleground
After China and India, Indonesia is next on the investment rankings when it comes to start-ups in Asia. The government is obviously realising the importance of the digital economy; it has announced various initiatives to capitalise on the sector and help the country go forward. Corporate VC activity is also on the rise as they try to capitalise on the consumer growth in SEA through a financial return. What's driving the opportunity in Indonesia? Our esteemed panel will discuss the following topics:

  • What are some of the consumer trends driving the growth story of Indonesia?
  • What are the different growth patterns and projections for your company and industry?
  • What are the current trends in corporate venturing and how they fit in the ecosystem?
  • What are some of the biggest debates and doubts about the optimism surrounding Indonesia?
  • Who are the likely big platform winners and challengers in 2017 and beyond?

Moderated by: Khailee Ng, Managing Partner, 500 STARTUPS
Sandhya Devanathan, Country Head - Singapore, FACEBOOK
Florian Holm, Co-CEO, Indonesia, LAZADA GROUP
Dayu Dara Permata, Co-Founder, GO-LIFE; Vice President, GO-JEK


Networking coffee break


Infrastructure development and funding: The private investor view

Infrastructure investors search the globe to find and gain access to the most attractive deals, at a price that can deliver stellar returns. Depending on risk appetite and local reach, emerging markets present an opportunity if you can navigate the political, regulatory and governance related challenges. With the infrastructure investment needs estimated to be in the hundreds of billions in the short to medium term, Indonesia is one of the leading destinations in the region when it comes to opportunities for investors. The challenges are abundant too, but the serious push by the government to reduce red tape and increase private investment into the various projects is providing hope for foreign investors. In this session, a panel of international and domestic infrastructure investors will discuss the opportunities in Indonesia and beyond.

  • Where Indonesia fits into the global infrastructure investment portfolio?
  • How does it compare to other emerging markets?
  • What new regulatory and policy developments are in place?
  • How do institutional investors view the opportunity in comparison with the global infrastructure market?
  • What is the role of the development agencies and banks in closing the funding gap?

Moderated by: Wen Bin Lim, Director, Power and Utilities, KPMG ADVISORY
Rainier Haryanto, Program Director, KPPIP
Harold Tjiptadjaja, Managing Director, Chief Investment Officer, INDONESIA INFRASTRUCTURE FINANCE
Adam Worthington, Managing Director - Private Capital Markets, MACQUARIE CAPITAL


Indonesian LP allocation: One for the future?
Private equity in Indonesia is a nascent industry. Institutional investors may be hesitant to allocate capital, but now could be the time to put money to work. The predicted GDP growth over the next 20 to 30 years puts Indonesia on a consistent growth trajectory, and given the demographics and local consumer consumption, it will play an important counterbalance to any turmoil in China and India. However, it is still very difficult for LPs.
With the exception of a few core groups, track records are not as long as in China or India, so part of unlocking that lack of capital provision is encouraging participation by local institutions and government incentives.

  • How do LPs view Indonesia as an investment destination?
  • Have returns and portfolio performance to date been as expected?
  • Can GPs deliver returns as generalists in Indonesia, or do they need to target specific sectors?
  • What co-investment opportunities exist in Indonesia?
  • How do LPs view Indonesia in the long term?

Moderated by: Sam Robinson, Managing Partner, NORTH-EAST PRIVATE EQUITY ASIA
Huai Fong Chew, Vice President, DEG SINGAPORE
Hendra Gunawan, Investment Officer, IFC
Rebekah Woo CFA, CAIA, Senior Director, Growth Markets Asia, CDPQ ASIA PACIFIC PTE LTD


Close of conference day and cocktail reception

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